Potatoes, onions and more.

Kid's Corner

Making friends with fruits and veggies.

Getting your children to eat fresh produce can be a struggle. But sometimes kids just need a little encouragement. Making fruits and veggies fun to grow and eat can go a long way to getting your child interested (and hungry).

Here is a list of resources that might help you get your children to eat the fruits and veggies that are so important to their growth. After all, sometimes it’s a good thing to play with your food.

For preschoolers

For kids six to eleven years old

For k-12 students 

Interactive games and coloring pages

Games and experiments

Kids pig zone


Outdoor Kids Fitness and Nutrition Guide for the Summer

Health Games and Activities 

Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and Nutrition in College

Health Games for Kids

Health & Fitness Guide for Students

From Seed to Table: The Art of Onion Cultivation

Nutrition for Kids: Activities and Web Quests

A diet rich in protein, calcium, fiber, and other essential nutrients should be a part of every child’s daily diet. With some help and education, parents and teachers can ensure that kids are getting the right nutrition they need to stay healthy.  

View additional resources for kids by visiting this link. 

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