Alsum Farms Wisconsin Pumpkin Harvest is in Full Swing

Alsum Farms Locally Grown Pumpkins

Friesland, Wisconsin — Alsum Farms is in full swing harvesting 320 acres of bountiful Wisconsin locally grown pumpkins at our Grand Marsh farm. Let our vibrant orange Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins and decorative white and autumn colors pumpkins beautify outdoor living spaces this fall. 

Alsum Farms & Produce offers locally grown pumpkins for fall decorating. The pumpkins with the best availability are: 25 ct, 30 ct, 35 ct, 45 ct and 65 ct Jack O’ Lanterns, 40 ct Whites, 20 ct  and 45 ct Autumn Colors and 110 to 150 ct pie pumpkins.

The uptick of home decorating to beautify outdoor living spaces coupled with family pumpkin carving and painting activities are expected to lead to stronger pumpkin sales at retail. Let Alsum be your go-to for beautiful pumpkins to elevate your produce department offerings. 

Alsum Pumpkins are U.S No. 1 Pumpkins: 
• Pumpkin varieties: Spartan, Gladiator, Bayhorse, Kratos and Carbonado
• The pumpkins are washed, graded and hand packed in bins
• Each pumpkin has a PLU sticker 

U.S No. 1 Pumpkins are available to ship in the following bin sizes:
• 25 ct, 30 ct, 35 ct, 45 ct and 65 ct Jack O’ Lanterns 
• 110 to 150 ct Pie 
• 40 ct White
• 20 ct and 45 ct Autumn Colors

Unclassified Pumpkins:
• All sizes of pumpkins per bin

Click here for more details about our Wisconsin Pumpkins varieties and sizes.
Contact your Alsum Representative today for your pumpkin needs.