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Healthy Grown

It’s not easy being green.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way. And neither would Larry Alsum. His mantra? “What we do as growers matters. My farm isn’t simply a collection of parcels — it’s a small part of the global ecosystem and I take that very seriously.”

That’s why Alsum Farms and Produce has been a certified Healthy Grown® grower since the inception of the Wisconsin eco-friendly brand.

Just what is Healthy Grown? It’s a sustainable brand of Wisconsin potatoes grown by Wisconsin farmers who (along with their packers and shippers) have to meet the strict criteria of Protected Harvest —  an independent oversight organization that ensures strict adherence to sustainable agriculture standards. And we have to meet those criteria every single year.

It means we’re also part of the Wisconsin Eco-Potato partnership established between the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA), the International Crane Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, the Defenders of Wildlife and the University of Wisconsin (UW). Together, we work on new methods of reducing crop inputs such as nutrients, pesticides and other additives. We team with UW researchers to adopt and test biologically based pest management systems that do not harm the environment. And we partner with a collaboration ecologist to determine what steps we need to take to restore and preserve the native Wisconsin ecosystems and waterways on our farms.  

While being a Healthy Grown grower isn’t easy — it’s worth it. In Larry’s words, “It’s not one continuous success story. We’re always learning and that means sometimes the things we try simply don’t work out. But that’s all part of the Healthy Grown process. Challenges are just opportunities to learn more. Hopefully our challenges and successes can serve as an example to other agricultural communities around the world.”

Healthy Grown Potatoes