The Alsum Story

The story began five decades ago in a 600 square foot potato shed, with one man, Glenn Alsum, one vision, and a work ethic framed by dedication and service. Today, there are 350,000 square feet of sheds and production space, almost 325 full-time and seasonal employees, and 200,000,000 pounds of potatoes produced annually and that doesn’t include onions, pumpkins and other fresh produce that are distributed to grocery stores and warehouse retailers across the country.

We pack under the Alsum Farms & Produce brand plus many national brands and customer labels. Alsum offers a wide variety of packaging options from 12 ounces up to 50-pound packs; and in poly, mesh, paper or cartons all from one shed. 

And that work ethic? It’s still framed by dedication, a commitment to service, and a belief in providing a field-to-fork, vertically integrated business approach that incorporates growing and harvesting, production, packaging, and distribution, all under the umbrella of unrelenting quality.

As time ticks by, the mission, vision and values haven’t changed, although the generations of leadership have. Since 1981, Larry Alsum has been at the helm of Alsum Farms & Produce, with his daughters, Wendy Alsum-Dykstra and Heidi Alsum-Randall, poised to take over when Larry, who’s been in agriculture his entire life, retires.

Alsum Family

Vertical integration is key.

Wendy and Heidi both agree that the vertical integration is a true differentiator for Alsum. Along with the 3,000 acres of land they own and cultivate, which accounts for half of their potato and pumpkin output, the company works with partner farmers to pack and distribute Alsum’s remaining produce inventory which strengthens the supply chain for all stakeholders and eliminates the risk of dependency on a single supply chain resource.

Alsum Truck in front of store

Field-to-Fork has significant implications.

In the end, the gravity of the entire situation is not lost on the Alsum family, their employees, and their partners. They all understand that field-to-fork is a phrase with significant implications. In an effort to feed American families the fresh produce they need, the Alsum team can’t miss a beat in growing, harvesting, packing and shipping to many of the nation’s largest retailers like Aldi, COSTCO, Hy-Vee, Meijer, Piggly Wiggly, Walmart, Woodman’s, Whole Foods, and dozens of others.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Always improving. Always serving. Always winning together. Exceeding expectations every day.

Our Vision

To be a national leader in the fresh produce industry.

Our Values


We have an uncompromising commitment to do what is right and conduct our business with respect, honesty, fairness, and value in all that we do. 


We accept responsibility for the work we do and strive for continuous improvement and growth. 


We achieve the highest possible level of quality for the produce we grow and market and the service we provide.


We devote our resources to the sustainability of the environment for current and future generations.

Servant Leadership

We care, serve, and extend ourselves to meet the needs and contribute to the success of our associates, customers, suppliers, and the community. 

Alsum Farms & Produce History

Alsum Produce first shed
Glenn Alsum started the company in a 600 square foot shed. 
Alsum Warehouse 1981
Glenn was killed in a plane crash. Larry Alsum took over as General Manager and owner. 
Alsum Truck
Alsum Transport set up as a trucking subsidiary. 
Alsum Pack Facility
Remodeled shed and added washing and grading lines.
Alsum Potato Farming
Entered farming joint venture near Arena.
Alsum Begins Growing Potatoes
Alsum Farms begins growing potatoes in Arena, Wis.
New Alsum Facility
Built storage at plant and new packing shed.
USDA Organic
Certified to pack organic potatoes.
WI Healthy Grown Seal
Alsum Farms becomes a Certified Healthy Grown® Farmer.
Alsum Warehouse Fire
Fire destroyed cooler and warehouse. New facility was built in 2003.
Alsum new truck facility
Built additional storage at plant and onto the truck shop.
Robot Stacking Potato Bales
Began major renovation to packing shed: 24 storage bins, added 12 lane Exeter sizer with X-ray, two packing machines and robotics. Project completed in 2009.
Alsum Potato Storage
Built two refrigerated storage buildings at the farm to store an additional 600,000 cwt.
Alsum Farms & Produce Overview
Built a 53,000 sq. ft. addition to office and production areas.
New Alsum specialty packaging facility
Completion of specialty potato packing facility.
Alsum Potato Bin Expansion
Built new storage bin in Friesland. Alsum Farms Grand Marsh expansion & Alsum Farms Ghana project.
Alsum Farms, Grand Marsh, WI Sunset
Alsum Farms adds new farm location and begins to grow potatoes in Adams and Grand Marsh, Wis.
Alsum Pumpkin Farm
Purchased a 300 acre pumpkin farm in Grand Marsh, Wis., and expanded potato acreage in the region.
Alsum Farms & Produce 50th Anniversary Logo
Alsum Farms & Produce celebrates 50 years in business.