The Alsum Advantage

The Five Most Compelling Reasons For Partnering With Alsum
(and one bonus reason)

Alsum Farms & Produce Aerial
Number One

Alsum Farms & Produce is the one stop solution for potato, onion and fresh produce buyers in the retail and food service industries.

As a vertically integrated family-owned farm, packing facility and logistics company, Alsum delivers quality potatoes and onions to your warehouse, or direct to your store allowing you to work directly with the farmer and simplifying the supply chain. We also offer a wide variety of packaging options from 12 ounces up to 50-pound packs; and in poly, mesh, paper or cartons all from one shed. This saves you time and enhances convenience.

Alsum Farms 2021 Potato Harvest in Grand Marsh, Wis.
Number Two

Alsum offers Wisconsin Healthy Grown® Certified Potatoes — that’s our commitment to stewardship and sustainability.

Alsum Farms grows, nurtures and harvests potatoes that make their way to the dinner tables of Americans using the Wisconsin Healthy Grown® Program. This eco-friendly commitment has guided our farm’s sustainability practices for the last 25 years. As a founding member of the Healthy Grown® Program, Alsum Farms utilizes the Health Grown Program’s regenerative agriculture approach to farming that works to strengthen ecosystems and community resilience.

“In 1992 we began farming and by 1996 helped establish the Wisconsin Healthy Grown® Program,” says Larry Alsum. Since that time, the Healthy Grown® program has continued to guide our farm sustainability practices utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to efficiently manage inputs, implement conservation practices that enhance biological diversity, and ecosystem efforts by certifying under the Healthy Grown® standards.”

Alsum Commitment to Stewardship & Sustainability
Alsum Potatoes Group Shot
Number Three

Alsum has a strong, Field-to-Fork Brand with a significant variety of produce offerings.

Alsum Farms & Produce is a strong, farmer-owned consumer brand. From creative POS ideas to innovative merchandising concepts, Alsum’s merchandising efforts are focused on increasing sales for our retail partners. Our sales-producing packaging triggers consumer sales and our winning on-package consumer recipes drive repeat purchases.

The Alsum sales and marketing team will assist retailers with customized collateral materials in category analysis, insight into the latest trends that encourage increased produce purchases in-store, on retailer websites, and on social media.

Number Four

We’re early adaptors of technology who bring efficiencies to our partners.

Technology plays a significant role in our farm, pack shed and logistical operations. We are continuously looking for ways to improve quality and efficiencies, while reducing costs that we pass along to our partners. From innovative digital ordering platforms and simplifying order processing to employing experienced account managers who are highly responsive and knowledgeable, Alsum is dedicated to on-time delivery while upholding product fill rates that keep your warehouse rotation fresh.

Alsum Transport Truck in front of Hy-Vee Store
Number Five

We are a well-oiled logistical machine.

Alsum Transport, Inc., our in-house transportation department with 27 trucks and 90 refrigerator trailers, is your dependable delivery solution. Our transport team simplifies deliveries by providing freight and load tracking capabilities coordinated by established managers and drivers who deliver our superior produce throughout the Midwest and beyond.

The Bonus Reason!

Since 1973,  Alsum has been committed to cultivating a network of top-quality growers around the Midwest who offer the freshest produce from our dedicated local farmer partners. Let our network bring you and your customers the finest produce offerings. 

No other provider of potatoes and onions is nearly as steady and reliable as Alsum. Products are consistently high-quality, with great shelf life, and excellent appearance. Positive name recognition and almost non-existent spoilage numbers make them an obvious choice for our fresh potato and onion programs! Their friendly, flexible staff provides the best service a wholesaler could ask for.

-Sean Shatto, Buyer, Local Foods, Chicago, IL 

Providing meals to people facing hunger is about more than food. It’s about providing wellness, nourishment, and strength. That’s why Feeding America provides the most nutritious food possible to improve people’s health and well-being. We are proud that 71% of the food the Feeding America network distributes promotes good health.  As a significant source for Second Harvest Heartland and other Feeding America member food banks, Alsum Farms & Produce helps provide nourishing food to our neighbors in need. We appreciate Alsum’s high-quality produce and wonderful customer service. It is a pleasure to work with the caring and generous folks at Alsum Farms & Produce.

-Heidi Coe, Second Harvest Heartland (Feeding America member food bank), Brooklyn Park MN, Produce Sourcing Representative

Do you need a one-stop solution for buying produce?

Alsum offers a broad portfolio of conventional, specialty and organic potatoes, onions, and a variety of fresh produce to grow your categories.