Potatoes, onions and more.


Positively impacting people without negatively impacting the planet.

That’s how we define sustainability at Alsum Farms & Produce. As Healthy Grown® Wisconsin potato growers, we’re good stewards of the environment and our resources. We work with University of Wisconsin (UW) researchers to continually improve our soil conservation and planting techniques, utilize eco-friendly integrated pest management (IPM) techniques that reduce toxic pesticides, preserve water quality, restore native ecosystems and protect wildlife. 

At Alsum Farms & Produce we also:

  • Scored a 99% in our Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) annual audit. 
  • Choose growers and suppliers who are GAP certified. 
  • Provide GAP training for our Wisconsin growers. 
  • Grow three times as many potatoes as we did 25 years ago using less land, energy, water and fewer emissions per acre grown. 
  • Never use GMO seed varieties. Monitor field moisture levels to minimize and target irrigation. 
  • Hill our potatoes for maximum efficiencies and soil preservation. 
  • Enlist scouts who inspect the fields to ensure we only treat diseased plants. 
  • Use irrigation only when necessary to conserve water.
  • Use planting and harvesting equipment with GPS technology to optimize planting efficiency and fuel consumption.
  • Have zero waste of potatoes at our packing facility.
  • Decreased our use of water by 50%, and our energy consumption by 40%, by recycling our wash water using an electronic management control system.