Growing, sourcing, packing and delivering fresh produce.

From Field To Fork Since 1973 – 50 Years Strong

From field to fork, Alsum Farms & Produce is responsible for growing, sourcing, packing and delivering the highest quality fresh fruits and veggies to your grocery store since 1973. We grow eco-friendly Russet, Red, White, Golden, Purple and Fingerling Healthy Grown® Wisconsin potatoes in the Lower Wisconsin River Valley and central sands region. And we partner with family farms around the nation to provide you with over 300 quality fruits and vegetables every day of the year. 

Alsum Farms & Produce is helping you stretch your food dollars by offering:

3 lb. Alsum Russet
Alsum Red Potatoes Bag
bag of golden potatoes

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Enjoy The Alsum Farms & Produce 50th Anniversary and Originals Cookbooks

To celebrate Alsum Farms & Produce 50th anniversary in 2023, we want you to receive both recipe e-books dedicated to America’s Favorite Vegetable, the beloved potato.

Our Alsum Cookbooks connect potato lovers with the people that make up the Alsum Farms & Produce who have generously shared their own family favorite recipes to provide inspiration for your family dinners and holiday celebrations.

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