Pollinators & People: Working together to protect butterflies for sustainable crops

Donald Maum Alsum Farms

Pollinators like bees and butterflies are necessary to agriculture for sustainable crops, ecosystem health and our overall food supply. Alsum Farms Sustainability Manager Donald Maum joined Wisconsin Public Radio’s The Morning Show to talk about what farmers and Wisconsinites can do to help pollinators in light of the Monarch Butterfly’s recent classification as an endangered species in North America.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has added the migrating monarch butterfly to its list of endangered threatened organisms. Alsum Farms sustainability manager along with a conservation biologist share what people can do to help the species and other pollinators. Listen now: ow.ly/tpTm50K4Wkf

Did you know?

🦋Alsum Farms has more than 50 acres of restored prairies and pollinator habitat with more planned to cultivate sustainable crops and food supply.

🦋Farms, like Alsum Farms, are helping boost and protect populations of pollinators through sustainable agricultural practices that go hand-in-hand with healthy habitat for wildlife.

🦋 Pollinators are some birds, animals but mostly insects, bees, butterflies, wasps, flies and beetles.

🦋 Pollinators, which are mostly insects, help move the pollen to the plant’s stigma which creates the fruits, vegetables and nuts that are an essential part of the human diet.

Learn how Alsum Farms is improving and continuously expanding our pollinator and prairie habitats on our farmland. Learn more about Alsum Farms sustainability and stewardship work.